Welcome to my store. I’m organized under the Cottage Food Laws in Illinois and am certified by the municipality of Evanston, Illinois to use my home kitchen. I am not allowed to ship out of state.

I am selling preserves and baked goods. For more detailed information please go to the store website:

You can also email me directly at: to see what I have in stock. Below are the preserves I carry but since I preserve seasonally I may not have them all in stock.

One Last Bite Preserves In Action

One Last Bite Fig/Earl Grey
Blueberry/Yuzu with a quenelle of Greek yogurt and fresh berries
One Last Bite Strawberry preserves
One Last Bite Kumquat/Passionfruit preserves
One Last Bite Blood Orange preserves
One Last Bite Mandarin/Cranberry preserves
One Last Bite Pear preserves with Greek yogurt and fresh violets
Pizzacatti with One Last Bite Preserves

Baked Goods