Chopping nuts can easily transform them into a greasy mess. The best way to get fine particles for cakes and cookies is to use the fine grating disc (not the superfine) on a food processor. It works quickly without heating the nuts, which increases the release of oil. The disadvantage is that you always have a few nuts that fall through the cracks which have to be replaced grated, but one could say the same thing about using the chopping blade.

I usually do one pound at a time and store them in my freezer. I use three bowls, a hand sifter and a slotted spoon. I use the first bowl to contain the nuts from the first pass through with the grating disc. You can see in the photo below some fine particles, some large pieces and a range of sizes in between.

To separate the fine particles from the large ones I use a sifter and I use the second bowl to catch those nuts.

I use the third bowl to catch the nuts from the slotted spoon.

After I sift out the really big chunks from the slotted spoon, I pass them through the the grating disc one more time. Then I change to the slicing blade and chop those nuts so they’re a bit more even.

At the end of the grating, sifting and chopping you should have three bowls of nuts: one with fine particles, one with slightly bigger pieces and one with larger pieces.

Now you can stir all the nuts together, bag them, date them amd put them in your freezer for future bakes. Whatever recipe you use, you will most likely chop them one more time with some of the sugar and perhaps the flour in the recipe. The sugar and flour will help them from becoming greasy.